Castle Rock Construction

Riviera Shores, New Rochelle, NY

About Castle Rock Construction

In 1989, Castle Rock Construction Corporation (CR) was formed by Robert and Donna Young as the construction arm of the Young’s development endeavors.  Castle Rock’s first major project was in 1991 as the General Contractor of three low rise residential buildings in New Rochelle and White Plains. The $5 million dollar renovation project, was financed and monitored by Chase CDC and was completed on time and on budget. Castle Rock between 1991 and 2000 built nearly a dozen single family homes throughout Westchester County. In 2000, Castle Rock went on to build the 15 lot subdivision know as Riviera Shores.  Riviera Shores’ $20 million budget consisted of major infrastructure improvements including a 100 year sea wall, 1,800 feet of roads, storm water retention basins, sewer pump stations, and the construction of approximately 85,000 square feet of luxury housing, all within a critical environmental area. 

From 2000 to 2016, Castle Rock went on to construct numerous single family and multifamily residential condominium construction with overlapping project time lines.  CR’s total construction contracts exceed $60 million and have constructed more than 350,000 sq ft of residential and commercial projects. Some of our completed projects are: The Gables, Wrights Landing, Lathers Park, Huguenot Hill, Huguenot Hill Retail and Mamaroneck Harbor Landing,  Emerson Ave., Moran Pl.; Chelsea Place, Davenport Avenue, Wildcliff Road.  One of Castle Rock’s most notable projects is the rehabilitation of the historic building, “The Knickerbocker Press” this 100 year old 80,000 square foot printing factory was completely renovated to 46 luxury lofts.

Castle Rock has extensive experience in site work construction, including but not limited to excavation, rock removal, utility and drainage installation. Castle Rock has constructed 4 concrete podium jobs within the last 8 years.  CR has experience with concrete podium construction as well as wood, steel and light-gauge metal.  Castle Rock has also self-performed the ground-up construction of tennis sport facilities, including the construction of the temporary air structures.

The Knickerbocker Press, New Rochelle, NY